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Can I Get Classic Car Insurance if My Car Is Not In Perfect Condition?

Classic cars usually have a problem or two because of their old age. If you own a classic car that’s not in perfect condition in Rochester, NY, you must wonder whether it’s possible to get classic car insurance. Yes, you can buy classic car insurance if your vehicle is not in perfect condition but here is also what you should expect.  

Classic Car Insurance: Getting the Best Coverage

1. The Existing Problems Won’t Be Covered

Auto insurance is supposed to protect you and your vehicle against unpredictable risks. However, since the existing issues with your classic car are already there. They will be excluded from coverage, and so will the other problems that may arise later because of the existing issues with your vehicle.

2. Higher Insurance Rates

If your classic car is not in perfect condition, the auto insurance provider will see it as a high-risk asset and charge you higher insurance rates. This is because a vehicle not in excellent working condition is more likely to cause an accident that will result in more significant injury to persons and property damage. 

How To Lower The Cost of Classic Cars?  

Bajorek Agency Inc can help you opt for non-owner classic car insurance, which only covers against bodily injury and property damage to other cars and has no auto attached. If your classic car is not running, we recommend that you purchase a parked classic car insurance policy, also known as "storage insurance." It can bring down your premiums by up to 80%. 

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Are you in the greater Rochester, NY community and looking for more info on classic car insurance? Contact us at Bajorek Agency Inc, and we will answer all your questions.

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