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How Motorcycle Insurance is Different From Auto Insurance

You’ve just bought a shiny new motorcycle and are about to enjoy the freedom of the open road. Many people think that their auto insurance policy will cover their bike. But wait a minute, you need separate motorcycle coverage in Rochester, NY to receive sufficient protection for you and your road machine. Although policies covering autos and motorcycles have many similarities, you’ll find several differences when you work with Bajorek Agency Inc. to get a policy.

Why These Policies Differ

Essentially, autos and motorcycles are two different types of vehicles. Motorcycles travel faster than autos, but in most instances, they accommodate the person operating the bike. Autos travel more slowly but have room for additional passengers. At the same time, automats have a shell that offers some protection to those inside, while cyclists are more exposed to possible injuries.

Similarities Between Policies

You’ll find some of the same coverages. In fact, New York requires the same state minimums for bodily injury liability and property damage. However, that involves minimums. As a motorcycle rider, you’ll want to have additional coverage, especially when it involves your safety. You’ll also find collision and comprehensive on both types of policies, as well as provisions for uninsured motorists.

Additional Coverage to Consider

Motorcycle owners should consider the following when requesting a policy:

  • Personal injury protection if you are thrown from your vehicle
  • Guest passenger liability for someone riding behind you
  • Laid-up coverage  insures you against theft, fire, and other threats during winter storage
  • Add-ons for roadside assistance, transport trailer coverage, and specific coverage for custom accessories, parts, and equipment

Schedule A Consultation Today

Motorcycle insurance can be confusing, but not when you work with Bajorek Agency Inc., serving residents of Rochester, NY. Call our office today to get started on your motorcycle coverage.

The Top 3 Things to Know About Motorcycle Insurance

Insurance coverage for your motorcycle is likely the last thing you want to think about when it comes time to ride in the Rochester, NY area. You may even feel that you don’t really have a need for it. However, though the specific requirements vary from state to state, nearly every state requires a minimum amount of coverage.

Below are three things that you have to know about your motorcycle insurance:

There’s Coverage for Passengers

If you often ride with a passenger, ensuring that your policy covers your passenger’s medical expenses can make all the difference should you be involved and an accident. In some states, this coverage is optional while in others it’s required. That being said, it’s always recommended.

Motorcycle Insurance Is for More Than Just Your Motorcycle

In addition to medical bills, motorcycle insurance can also cover the cost of damage caused to someone else’s property during your accident. Some insurance companies even combine motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, ATVs, and UTVs under one umbrella, providing coverage for all of your recreational vehicles.

You Need It. Even If You’re Just a Weekend Warrior.

Let’s face it. Accidents happen. The last thing anyone wants is to be left holding the bag for the full cost of repairs to their bike or other property, whether or not the damage was their fault. By having the proper insurance in place, you can avoid this situation while remaining compliant with Rochester NY motorcycle laws.

Protect Yourself and Your Bike With Help From Bajorek Agency Inc

There’s no shortage of motorcycle insurance options out there, and choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task to handle on your own. Luckily, the team at the Bajorek Agency Inc in the Rochester, NY area can help you find the perfect plan for you so you can protect what matters most. Contact us today to get started!

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required in New York?

All motorcyclists in the state of New York must have liability insurance coverage in place to be able to ride their bikes on public streets, highways, and other roadways. This is the same law as the one that governs all other motor vehicles in the state of New York, although you do not have to secure personal injury protection or underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage for motorcycles like you do for other motor vehicles.

The agents at the Bajorek Agency Inc in Rochester, NY are explaining the different types of motorcycle insurance coverage options you can choose from in addition to the required liability insurance policy you must have in place.

Get The Right Coverage

Collision Insurance

This is a great type of coverage to have in place in the event your motorcycle collides with another vehicle or even a stationary object. This type of coverage, along with comprehensive coverage, is normally required by a lender if you borrowed the money to purchase your motorcycle. It will help you to repair your motorcycle as well as the object or other vehicle that you collided with if it was your fault.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage will assist you in paying for repairs to your bike if it is damaged in a fire or natural disaster. This coverage will also help you out if your bike is stolen or damaged by an act of vandalism.

Contact Us Today

For all of your motorcycle and other insurance needs, contact the experienced and knowledgeable insurance agents at the Bajorek Agency Inc in Rochester, NY today! They can assist you in creating the best motorcycle insurance policy for you and your situation.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required in New York?

If you own and operate a motorcycle in New York, you are required to have minimum liability coverage that meets the following standards:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: $25,000 Person / $50,000 Accident
  • Death Liability: $50,000 Person / $100,000 Accident
  • Property Damage Liability: $10,000

It is important to remember that these are only the minimum requirements to avoid violating New York law. Most motorcyclists will want to opt for additional coverage to ensure adequate coverage should they be involved in an at-fault accident that injures or damages another person or their property. Additionally, unlike auto insurance policies that require personal injury protection or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, motorcyclists do not; however, you should still strongly consider these add-ons. 

To operate a motorcycle in New York, you must have either a Class M/MJ Operator’s License or a Learner’s Permit. After passing a written exam at the DMV, the learner’s permit can be granted. Still, you cannot operate the motorcycle without being supervised by a person with a valid motorcycle license that is no more than 1/4 mile from you. To graduate from a learner’s permit to a license, you’ll be required to complete a road test with a Motorcycle Safety Foundation certified instructor. Suppose you have both a valid driver’s license and motorcycle permit. In that case, you can receive a waiver to complete the road test if you complete a certified educational training course approved by New York law.

For more information on motorcycle insurance or help in purchasing a policy, reach out to the friendly and professional team at Bajorek Agency Inc in Rochester, NY. We’re happy to schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss our products and how we can help you with your motorcycle insurance needs. 

What Are Different Types of Motorcycle Insurance?

Owning a motorcycle comes with a lot of fun. However, it is also associated with risks and dangers. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting a motorcycle, you should not forget about purchasing motorcycle insurance, the purpose of which is to protect you on the road and provide you with proper coverage if an accident occurs. There are several types of motorcycle coverage, and here is a brief review of a few of them: 

Motorcycle Coverages

Most motorcycle insurance policies include collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and liability coverage. Let’s discuss each of them:

  • Collision coverage. Collision coverage is the type of coverage that covers damage to your motorcycle caused by a collision with another vehicle or object. 
  • Comprehensive coverage. This coverage, that is sometimes called "other than collision", covers a motorcycle if it was stolen or damaged by an animal.
  • Medical payments coverage. This type of coverage handles medical costs that are incurred by either your or other passengers who are injured in a road accident. 
  • Roadside assistance. It is not a mandatory type of coverage, but it is worth having it because it provides roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown. Without this coverage, on-site towing and labor can be quite expensive. 

Bajorek Agency Inc. serving clients in Rochester, NY – Get Proper Protection For You and Your Vehicle

If you are a lucky motorcycle owner living in Rochester, NY or any other nearby town, you should purchase proper motorcycle insurance before hitting the road. At Bajorek Agency Inc, experienced insurance agents will answer your questions about different types of motorcycle insurance and coverage and will help you choose a policy addressing your needs and requirements. Feel free to check the agency’s website or call to receive all the information you need. 

3 Areas Covered By Your Motorcycle Insurance

Rochester, NY is a fantastic place to call home. This area provides residents with plenty of experiences and opportunities to explore New York City and the surrounding areas. If you are down to explore the area, getting a motorcycle could be a righteous idea, but you should make sure you get motorcycle insurance from Bajorek Agency Inc. before hitting the road.

Obtaining motorcycle insurance not only gives you peace of mind while riding but covers the below areas.

Your asset

When keeping count of your assets, your motorcycle should be somewhere among the top investments you own. Why? Because you have put money on it and because your bike serves you in many ways, like running errands, exploring the city, and so forth. With this in mind, you wouldn’t want anything to damage your valued asset.

Motorcycle insurance covers damages or replacement of your bike if you are involved in an accident. Even in theft, vandalism, or fire damage, comprehensive motorcycle insurance can save the day by replacing your bike up to the policy limit.


Another important reason you need to obtain motorcycle insurance is to protect you against liabilities, which can land you in financial ruin. Accidents do happen regardless of how careful you are on the road. That said, there is always a risk that you can cause damage or bodily injury when riding your bike. 

Fortunately, when you are carrying motorcycle insurance, you don’t have to cover medical costs, legal costs, and property damage costs from your pocket. Your insurance can pay for these costs up to your liability limit.

Motorcycle insurance in New York

Are you searching for motorcycle insurance? You are on the right track because you comply with New York laws and protect yourself and the bike when you carry motorcycle insurance. At Bajorek Agency Inc., we can help you get the right motorcycle coverage. All you need is to contact us today, and we shall handle the rest.

How can I pick a motorcycle insurance policy?

When you are in the Rochester, NY area, there will be many great ways to get around town. One great mode of transportation to consider getting is a motorcycle. Those who have a motorcycle here will have a fun mode of transportation and have a safe and reliable mode of transit. If you do get this coverage, you need to make sure that you get motorcycle insurance. There are several tips to follow that can help you pick a policy.

Consider Liability Needs

One factor to consider when choosing a motorcycle insurance policy is to consider your liability insurance needs. If you do buy a motorcycle, you will have liability insurance needs to comply with state rules in New York. If you pick a motorcycle insurance policy, it can ensure that you comply with these rules and regulations.

Consider Collision and Comprehensive Needs

Another factor to think about when you are shopping for motorcycle insurance is your collision and comprehensive insurance needs. When you get a motorcycle insurance policy with full coverage, it can help ensure that you are covered if your vehicle is damaged or stolen. This insurance is needed if you have taken out a loan or have a valuable vehicle that you would like to protect. 

When you are shopping for a motorcycle insurance policy in the Rochester, NY area, you should call Bajorek Agency Inc. The team at the Bajorek Agency Inc can help you better understand all of your needs and options. The team here will give you the support you need to pick a policy that will give you the appropriate coverage. They can do this by assessing your needs to help you pick a policy. 

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