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Tips to prepare your home for a storm

With storm season officially here, it’s time to start preparing your home for the possibility of severe weather. Even if you live outside the Rochester, NY area in an area that rarely sees storms, it’s still important to take steps to make sure your home and family are safe in case one does strike.

Here are some tips from us at Bajorek Agency Inc on how to prepare your home for a storm: 

1. Clean up debris.

Before a storm hits, be sure to clean up any loose branches, leaves, or other debris around your yard. Keep them away from windows and doors too! This will help prevent breakages and lessen damage in case of high winds or hail. 

2. Secure outdoor items.

Make sure any patio furniture or toys are stored away in the garage or shed to prevent them from becoming projectiles during strong winds or heavy rain. 

3. Check gutters and downspouts.

Clear out any debris that may be blocking your gutters and downspouts before a storm so they can properly drain the water away from your home’s foundation when it rains heavily. 

4. Stock up on supplies.

Have enough food, water, and batteries on hand just in case of emergency power outages due to high winds or flooding caused by a storm surge or heavy rainfall in coastal areas. Also make sure you have flashlights, candles, and matches handy too! 

5. Check insurance coverage.

Review your existing insurance policy to make sure you’re covered for damages caused by storms so that you’re prepared should any major damages occur when one does hit!  

Keep Your Home Insurance Updated

For more tips and for your home insurance needs, call us at Bajorek Agency Inc today. We are proud to serve the Rochester, NY area.

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