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3 Areas Covered By Your Motorcycle Insurance

Rochester, NY is a fantastic place to call home. This area provides residents with plenty of experiences and opportunities to explore New York City and the surrounding areas. If you are down to explore the area, getting a motorcycle could be a righteous idea, but you should make sure you get motorcycle insurance from Bajorek Agency Inc. before hitting the road.

Obtaining motorcycle insurance not only gives you peace of mind while riding but covers the below areas.

Your asset

When keeping count of your assets, your motorcycle should be somewhere among the top investments you own. Why? Because you have put money on it and because your bike serves you in many ways, like running errands, exploring the city, and so forth. With this in mind, you wouldn’t want anything to damage your valued asset.

Motorcycle insurance covers damages or replacement of your bike if you are involved in an accident. Even in theft, vandalism, or fire damage, comprehensive motorcycle insurance can save the day by replacing your bike up to the policy limit.


Another important reason you need to obtain motorcycle insurance is to protect you against liabilities, which can land you in financial ruin. Accidents do happen regardless of how careful you are on the road. That said, there is always a risk that you can cause damage or bodily injury when riding your bike. 

Fortunately, when you are carrying motorcycle insurance, you don’t have to cover medical costs, legal costs, and property damage costs from your pocket. Your insurance can pay for these costs up to your liability limit.

Motorcycle insurance in New York

Are you searching for motorcycle insurance? You are on the right track because you comply with New York laws and protect yourself and the bike when you carry motorcycle insurance. At Bajorek Agency Inc., we can help you get the right motorcycle coverage. All you need is to contact us today, and we shall handle the rest.

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