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Umbrella Insurance in New York

When clients ask if purchasing umbrella Insurance is a good idea for them, our answer is usually umbrella insurance is never a bad idea. No matter where you live, Pittsford, NY included, things can always go wrong. Mistakes get made. Accidents happen. No matter how much liability coverage your auto, watercraft, homeowner, rental, or commercial insurance policy gives you, should disaster strike, it would not be enough.

While we often associate the word disaster with destructive forces of nature, like earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods, disaster comes in all forms, and should you run into any, an umbrella life insurance policy can save you from financial depletion. And if you think you're immune here in tranquil central New York State, some of our other clients at Bajorek Agency Inc thought so too.... until life proved them wrong.

This Could Be You

Imagine you're driving home after a long day at work. It's been a tough day and you're somewhat distracted. Your minds wanders for just a moment, but it's the wrong moment and you fail to slow down in time to avoid hitting the Mercedes in front of you. The driver loses control and hits an Escalade coming in the opposite direction. Your humble Hyundai escapes with minimal damage, but both luxury cars sustain major damage and both drivers are injured seriously enough to require transport to the hospital.

Would the liability coverage included in your automobile insurance cover the costs to repair or replace the two cars. And how about the lawsuit that results since you are also liable for medical costs. Since this clearly exceeds the limits on any liability coverage, property or auto combined. You would have to liquidate your savings and possibly lose the Pittsford, NY home your family is so happy in. Unless you had umbrella insurance.

When Any Type of Damages Exceed Your Liability Coverage

Automobile accidents are not the only unforeseen incidents that can incur lawsuits asking reparations far more than your insurance covers. If you're the owner of a home remodeling business, and one of your painter’s damage expensive furnishings and art work, would your commercial insurance policy's liability clause cover it? If you're a landlord and one of your tenants loses months of work because you failed to repair a sidewalk and she took a serious fall, would your liability coverage be enough to pay medical costs and cover wages she is losing? Or perhaps an offhand comment at a meet and greet cocktail event is taken as slander and you find yourself losing a slander suit. Suppose a neighbor's child drowns in your swimming pool - we can go on and on, but you get the picture. In all these cases, the only thing that can save you from destitution is an umbrella insurance policy.

Would You be Ready?

In case you haven't noticed there are a lot of law firms in New York that are ready willing and rabid to represent clients who are injured. So, are you willing to take the chance, or would you rather be safe instead of sorry? We're here at Bajorek Agency Inc to discuss the wisdom of umbrella insurance and answer any questions you might have. Call for an appointment today.

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