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When to review your life insurance coverage

Life insurance is not the type of insurance that remains the same for your entire lifetime. As your needs and life change, your life insurance needs to change with them. At Bajorek Agency Inc. in Rochester, NY, we make it our business to get to know our customers so that we can make suggestions to them when changes happen in their lives that should affect how much coverage they have. 

When to review your life insurance coverage

When you change jobs

Part of many benefit packages from an employer is life insurance coverage. But if you change employers, is that policy worth paying on your own to keep? Probably not. Your new employer may also offer you life insurance, but at this point, in addition to that coverage, you should purchase your own coverage so that you have control of the amount and the type of coverage. 

When your income changes

Since the amount of life insurance that is enough is dependent on the amount of income you have, if your income goes up, you may need to add another policy. 

When you add dependents

When you add dependents, you also increase the amount of coverage that you require. Depending on the number of dependents you add, you may be reviewing your coverage every few years while you are having children.

When you retire

When you retire from work, your need for life insurance may decrease significantly or if your life insurance was provided by your employer, and now you have none, you need to add a policy. When you retire, you should have a discussion with your insurance agent to talk about what your needs are now. 

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