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Will home insurance pay for the injuries caused by my dog attacking the neighbor’s dog?

Homeowners insurance creates peace of mind for many homeowners. Many homeowners lack the resources to pay for an unexpected incident or situation concerning their property or home. Homeowners insurance even provides liability protection if you’re at fault for an accident or situation that takes place.

Our Rochester, NY team at Bajorek Agency Inc is committed to helping homeowners understand the benefits of homeowners insurance. 

What are the Benefits of Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance provides financial and liability protection and coverage for your home, the structures on your property, personal possessions, and more. Your homeowner’s insurance will pay for the repair or replacement of your home, in addition to providing money for living expenses. If the repair of your home requires you to leave and reside somewhere else while it is being repaired, your homeowner’s insurance will pay for housing and living expenses until your home is repaired.

Liability coverage is also a part of a standard homeowner insurance policy. This means that your homeowner’s insurance will cover damage you cause to someone else’s property, bodily injury, and even dog bites.

Will homeowners’ insurance pay for the injuries caused by my dog attacking the neighbor’s dog?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy provides both legal and liability coverage for dog bites. Your homeowner’s insurance policy provides medical coverage. However, the covered amount must be within the limits of your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Any amount over the coverage limits of your insurance policy is the financial responsibility of the homeowner. Homeowner’s insurance liability coverage limits typically range from $100K to $300K.

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If you have questions about homeowners’ insurance, we’d be happy to help. We can help you explore the benefits of Rochester, NY home insurance. Call us at Bajorek Agency Inc. We’re standing by. 

Classic Cars Are Valuable – Protect Yours with Classic Car Insurance

Do you own a classic car? Is it adequately insured? When it comes to insurance for a classic car, most claims adjusters have little or no experience when accessing the damage. If you live in or around the Rochester, NY area, the insurance professionals at Bajorek Agency Inc. can provide the coverage you need.

While there are a few major insurance companies that insure vintage or classic cars, you do not get the specialized care you would get with an insurance company that specializes in classic cars.

Here are some features found on a standalone classic car policy that you would not find on a regular car insurance policy:

  • Most car insurance companies only pay claims on the actual cash value of the car. For a classic car, it will be insured on an upfront agreed-upon value basis.
  • You have much more flexibility in your choice of body shops if you have a repair claim.
  • Additional coverage is available for parts, tools, and accessories.
  • Superior roadside assistance coverage that goes beyond what a regular auto insurance policy provides.
  • Coverage on equipment and automobile brought to auto shows.
  • In the event you own multiple classics, you only pay one liability premium rather than one on each car as you would with regular car insurance.
  • As long as it isn’t driven as your primary vehicle, there are no restrictions on mileage.
  • An option for zero deductible is available.
  • Appreciation (rather than depreciation) of coverage. Some vehicles will qualify for appreciation, which means the agreed-upon value will rise.
  • Enhanced labor coverage and towing.

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Your classic car hobby is an expensive one and one that needs specialized care. Let the insurance professionals at Bajorek Agency Inc. in Rochester, NY provide you with a quote. 

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required in New York?

All motorcyclists in the state of New York must have liability insurance coverage in place to be able to ride their bikes on public streets, highways, and other roadways. This is the same law as the one that governs all other motor vehicles in the state of New York, although you do not have to secure personal injury protection or underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage for motorcycles like you do for other motor vehicles.

The agents at the Bajorek Agency Inc in Rochester, NY are explaining the different types of motorcycle insurance coverage options you can choose from in addition to the required liability insurance policy you must have in place.

Get The Right Coverage

Collision Insurance

This is a great type of coverage to have in place in the event your motorcycle collides with another vehicle or even a stationary object. This type of coverage, along with comprehensive coverage, is normally required by a lender if you borrowed the money to purchase your motorcycle. It will help you to repair your motorcycle as well as the object or other vehicle that you collided with if it was your fault.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage will assist you in paying for repairs to your bike if it is damaged in a fire or natural disaster. This coverage will also help you out if your bike is stolen or damaged by an act of vandalism.

Contact Us Today

For all of your motorcycle and other insurance needs, contact the experienced and knowledgeable insurance agents at the Bajorek Agency Inc in Rochester, NY today! They can assist you in creating the best motorcycle insurance policy for you and your situation.

Life insurance FAQs

Life insurance is the most personal of all insurance, and it is a very individual thing. It is how you protect your loved ones even when you are no longer living. At Bajorek Agency Inc in Rochester, NY, we understand life insurance, and we can help you to make the right choices about the amount and type of coverage you need. As independent agents, we can offer our customers the choices they require. 

Life insurance FAQs

Do I need to buy my own insurance if I get some at work?

If it is something that you can afford, it is the best thing to do. There is no guarantee that you will stay at the same job forever. Even if you do stay forever, will you be able to continue to keep it when you retire?  Many employees change jobs quite often in their professional careers. Most importantly of all, do you want your employer in charge of your family’s future? 

Can my life insurance policy be canceled?

Yes, it can. The most common reason is nonpayment. If you are struggling with the payments, you should contact your carrier and see if you can come up with a plan. Another reason why your life insurance may be canceled is if it is discovered that you lied on your original policy application. 

How do I file a claim?

Filing a claim on life insurance is quite easy. First, you notify the insurer that the person who was insured has passed away. You then need to mail them an original copy of the death certificate along with the claim form. You can print the claim form on the insurance website.  As long as you are the beneficiary, it is quick and easy. 

Get Life Insurance Today

Contact us at Bajorek Agency Inc in Rochester, NY for all your insurance needs, including life insurance. 

Auto Insurance FAQs

Auto insurance in New York state is required. You need to at least have liability insurance to protect other drivers and property from you. If you are looking for a family-owned and operated insurance agency, Bajorek Agency Inc in the greater Rochester, NY community offers the personal service that you deserve. 

Auto Insurance FAQs

Does your auto insurance cover you if you drive in Canada?

Typically, your US auto insurance will cover you in Canada. Have your proof of insurance with you. It is always a good idea to call your carrier to make sure that you have coverage in Canada. 

What is gap insurance?

When you have a new car, it loses value as soon as you drive it out of the lot. Your auto insurance will not cover you for what would actually be the replacement cost if your vehicle were totaled. If you get gap insurance, it will pay the difference between the insurance value of your car and the cost to replace that car. 

Do I need more than basic auto insurance?

Legally, New York only requires liability coverage, which is basic insurance. If you have an auto loan or a lease, you will need more than basic coverage. If you count on your vehicle to survive daily activities, you need to be able to replace it quickly. If that is impossible financially, having collision and comprehensive coverage will be a lifesaver. 

Does auto insurance cover a rental car?

It really depends on what you have for insurance on your own vehicle. You will get the same coverage for a rental car, so if you have only liability coverage, then no, you need to have collision and comprehensive coverage. When in doubt, give your insurance agent a call and ask about your coverage. 

Contact Bajorek Agency Inc in Rochester, NY for all your auto insurance needs. 

How Often Should I Review My Commercial Insurance Coverage?

While commercial insurance policies have terms that last for a period of time, it is important to review your coverage throughout the year. It ensures that you have the right amount of protection and that your business is still properly insured. 

Depending on the type of insurance that you have, you may be required to review your policy annually or at certain points during the year to maintain coverage, such as when a policy has expired or when there is a significant change in your business. Consult with Bajorek Agency Inc in Rochester, NY for guidance on this important insurance coverage.

Commercial Insurance Coverage: What You Need To Know

As with any other form of insurance, it’s important to keep tabs on your coverage. Keep tabs on any changes in your business — such as an increase in the value of your inventory or the number of employees — that might require an updated commercial policy. Keep an eye on your commercial insurer and make sure you’re receiving the benefits for which you’re covered. Finally, keep track of the policy expiration date and renew your policy as soon as possible. 

Things like economic conditions, new legislation, and changes in the marketplace can all influence the risk profile of your business, which means that your commercial insurance needs may change over time as well. A small business with commercial property insurance probably won’t need to review the policy as often as a large enterprise with cyber insurance. However, as a business owner, you should make sure to stay up to date on any changes to your policy. 

Call Us Today

Every policy comes with an expiration date, but that’s not the only reason to review your coverage. Every commercial policy comes with a clause that requires the policyholder to maintain “standard” coverage. This indicates that if there is a change in the profile of your company, you may be required to obtain more coverage to keep your commercial insurance policy. For expert insurance advice, consult with Bajorek Agency Inc in Rochester, NY.

Things home insurance won’t cover

Owning a home is a big step and it comes with some risks. Home insurance offers protection against many of the obvious risks. But you need to understand that home insurance has some exclusions, things it won’t cover, and it is up to you to get additional coverage if it feels right. At Bajorek Agency Inc in Rochester, NY, we work with our customers to customize a perfect home insurance policy for them and their homes. 

Things home insurance won’t cover

Owner neglect

Insurance companies have an expectation that homeowners will maintain their homes. If you have a claim for something that results from owner neglect, your insurance company will refuse to pay. Under owner neglect are things like rodent infestation, mold, termites, and carpenter ants.  If you have these issues, it is expected that you should have treatment to prevent them from happening in the first place. 

Wear and tear

Things like a roof or a furnace have an expected lifetime. They will wear out and your roof may fail or your furnace stop working. These types of damage are not covered. It is up to you to replace them before they cause excessive damage. 


Floods are one of the most destructive natural disasters. If the reason for the flood is surface water, it is not covered. The good news is that you can purchase flood insurance through the NFIP and if you are concerned, you may want to do it. 

Earth Movement

Most earth movement is excluded from your standard home insurance policy. This includes earthquakes, sinkholes, mudslides, and landslides, 

Sewer backup

If a sewer backs up into your home, it is disgusting, and even worse, it isn’t covered. You will be responsible for any cleanup and repair.

Contact Bajorek Agency Inc in Rochester, NY with any questions you have about home insurance. 

Can I Get Classic Car Insurance if My Car Is Not In Perfect Condition?

Classic cars usually have a problem or two because of their old age. If you own a classic car that’s not in perfect condition in Rochester, NY, you must wonder whether it’s possible to get classic car insurance. Yes, you can buy classic car insurance if your vehicle is not in perfect condition but here is also what you should expect.  

Classic Car Insurance: Getting the Best Coverage

1. The Existing Problems Won’t Be Covered

Auto insurance is supposed to protect you and your vehicle against unpredictable risks. However, since the existing issues with your classic car are already there. They will be excluded from coverage, and so will the other problems that may arise later because of the existing issues with your vehicle.

2. Higher Insurance Rates

If your classic car is not in perfect condition, the auto insurance provider will see it as a high-risk asset and charge you higher insurance rates. This is because a vehicle not in excellent working condition is more likely to cause an accident that will result in more significant injury to persons and property damage. 

How To Lower The Cost of Classic Cars?  

Bajorek Agency Inc can help you opt for non-owner classic car insurance, which only covers against bodily injury and property damage to other cars and has no auto attached. If your classic car is not running, we recommend that you purchase a parked classic car insurance policy, also known as "storage insurance." It can bring down your premiums by up to 80%. 

Give Us A Call

Are you in the greater Rochester, NY community and looking for more info on classic car insurance? Contact us at Bajorek Agency Inc, and we will answer all your questions.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required in New York?

If you own and operate a motorcycle in New York, you are required to have minimum liability coverage that meets the following standards:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: $25,000 Person / $50,000 Accident
  • Death Liability: $50,000 Person / $100,000 Accident
  • Property Damage Liability: $10,000

It is important to remember that these are only the minimum requirements to avoid violating New York law. Most motorcyclists will want to opt for additional coverage to ensure adequate coverage should they be involved in an at-fault accident that injures or damages another person or their property. Additionally, unlike auto insurance policies that require personal injury protection or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, motorcyclists do not; however, you should still strongly consider these add-ons. 

To operate a motorcycle in New York, you must have either a Class M/MJ Operator’s License or a Learner’s Permit. After passing a written exam at the DMV, the learner’s permit can be granted. Still, you cannot operate the motorcycle without being supervised by a person with a valid motorcycle license that is no more than 1/4 mile from you. To graduate from a learner’s permit to a license, you’ll be required to complete a road test with a Motorcycle Safety Foundation certified instructor. Suppose you have both a valid driver’s license and motorcycle permit. In that case, you can receive a waiver to complete the road test if you complete a certified educational training course approved by New York law.

For more information on motorcycle insurance or help in purchasing a policy, reach out to the friendly and professional team at Bajorek Agency Inc in Rochester, NY. We’re happy to schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss our products and how we can help you with your motorcycle insurance needs. 

Is There a Best Age for Buying Life Insurance?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best time to buy life insurance depends on your unique circumstances. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding when to purchase a policy.

1. Deciding to Have a Child

If you plan on starting a family, one of the best times to purchase life insurance is before the baby arrives. Because children are so reliant on their parents, it’s important to buy enough coverage so that your loved ones can maintain their quality of life if something happens to you.

2. After Paying Off Debt

Another way to think about when you should buy life insurance is in terms of your financial situation. For example, if you’ve recently paid off a lot of debt, such as student loans or credit cards, it might be worth considering buying a policy before you rack up more bills. The less debt you have, the better your chances of qualifying for a policy and receiving a lower rate.

3. As Soon as You Get Married

As soon as you get married, it’s a good idea to consider buying life insurance. With a spouse and family to support, your loved ones would be in trouble if something were to happen to you suddenly. So even though the thought of having life insurance might not be very romantic, taking out a policy after getting married is one of the most responsible things you can do.

4. When You Have Dependents Relying on Your Income

If you have a spouse or children who rely on your income, it’s never too early to consider buying life insurance. If you pass away unexpectedly, your dependents would be left without the means to live comfortably and sustain their lifestyle.

Looking For Life Insurance in Rochester, NY?

The best time to buy life insurance depends on your situation. However, you can make a more informed decision about purchasing coverage by thinking about your family and financial situation. At Bajorek Agency Inc., we can help you find the best life insurance for your unique situation. Call us today to learn more.

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